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Guoqiang Bi

Principal investigator
email: gq.bi@siat.ac.cn

Decoding brain circuits and plasticity.

Jianyuan Sun

Principal investigator
email: jy.sun1@siat.ac.cn

Understanding the presynaptic mechanism of synaptic short term plasticity and how it impacts neuronal information encoding.


Pak-ming Lau

Professor, Principal investigator
email: plau@siat.ac.cn

Circuit Dynamics Underlying Brain Function and Disorders.

Xiaokang Zhang

Professors of engineer, Principal investigator
email: xk.zhang@siat.ac.cn

In situ structural biology of membrane protein complexes and drug discovery

Fang Xu

Associate investigator
email: fang.xu@siat.ac.cn

(1) Fast whole brain mapping and deep-learning analysis of rodents and primates.
(2) Emerging properties of neuronal network underlying learning and memory.

Peihua Chen

Associate investigator
email: ph.chen@siat.ac.cn

Investigates the molecular and cellular mechanism of synaptic vesicle release and develops high- accuracy detection techniques and methods for synaptic vesicles signals in CNS in vivo.

Zhanhong Du

Associate investigator
email: zh.du@siat.ac.cn

Focus on developing functional interface materials for in vivo electrophysiology and electrochemistry study of neural disease mechanisms.

Baoqiang Li

Associate investigator
email: bq.li@siat.ac.cn

Biomedical optics, neurophotonics, multiphoton microscopy, cerebral blood flow and oxygen metabolism, and neurovascular coupling.

Xuefeng Shen

Associate investigator
email: xf.shen@siat.ac.cn

Mechanism of synaptic vesicle release and novel methods to study single cells, single synapses and exocytosis.

Danke Zhang

Associate investigator
email: dk.zhang@siat.ac.cn

Computational models of neural information processing, currently working on learning and memory models to explain basic structural and dynamical properties of cortical networks.

Yanyang Xiao

Associate investigator
email: yy.xiao@siat.ac.cn

Neuronal network reconstruction by measurement of dynamics; Neuronal data analysis and method development.

Chang-Lu Tao

Associate investigator
email: cl.tao@siat.ac.cn

(1) Multi-model nano-imaging techniques; (2) Ultrastructure and molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission and plasticity; (3) In situ structures of macromolecules by cryo-ET and sub-tomogram averaging.

Pengcheng Zhou

Associate investigator
email: pc.zhou@siat.ac.cn

Statistical modeling and automated processing of big neuro data; computational neuroscience, machine learning.

Research assistants and technicians

Ji Leng

Research assistant

Fei Fang

Research assistant

Fengyi Wu


Xiaoyang Qi

Assistant engineer

Minmin Bi

Assistant engineer

Yinyan Bin


Postdoctoral researchers

Fei Li


Yang Wang



Xinlei Luan

Master student

Shiqi Rao

Master student

Lufeng Ding

Master student

Chaoyu Yang

Master student

Yi Ren

Master student (co-supervised)

Yi Zhang

Master student (co-supervised)

Xiaolong Wu

Master student (co-supervised)

Administrative Support

Min Zhang is helping us (and other groups) with administration.